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The focus of the first session will be on assessing and understanding your concerns so that together we can develop an effective treatment plan. The following sessions will focus on providing you with the psychological skills you may need to manage your difficulties more effectively. Treatment is regularly monitored to ensure it is effective and tailored to your individual needs.


The aim is to work collaboratively and flexibly with all clients. The goals of therapy are discussed early in the treatment process. After the initial appointment I will explain the different types of therapy that might be suitable. Thought can then be given to appointment frequency (weekly, fortnightly, or variable) and a plan can be set for how therapy progress is reviewed.


Once therapy has begun a letter can be written to summarise the information discussed while formalising the plans for treatment. It is usually a good idea for the referrer (if applicable) and your GP to have a copy of this letter. A letter can also be provided to summarise the end of our work together.

Please note that I am not able to offer crisis assessment or therapeutic services. If you are in a crisis the please call the emergency service 999 number for immediate assistance.


Zoom therapy sessions are offered for situations where it is inconvenient to meet in person. While research into the effectiveness of therapy does favour face-to-face appointments, Zoom sessions have been proven to be effective for a range of mild to moderate psychological and interpersonal difficulties.


Each Zoom session is up to 50 minutes in duration.



Unfortunately self-referrals can not be accepted at this time. 


Referrals from Health Professionals:

Healthy working relationships are maintained with other health and mental health professionals, including consultant psychiatrists who are specialists in their respective fields. Referrals are often received directly from psychiatrists or GPs with the client's consent. I can also make recommendations for input from a medical colleague if this is clinically indicated.

I am  happy to discuss potential referrals before any commitment is made. When referring a client please include either a letter or an email outlining the presenting concerns that you are hoping to have addressed. I will attempt to make contact with the client within two working days of accepting the referral.



Scheduled sessions that are either not attended or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are liable for full payment.



Fees for assessment and therapeutic work are charged per hour.

Sessions are able to be funded independently or through a third party (including medical insurance). Invoices are completed monthly and payment is requested via BACS transfer.


I am recognised as a provider of psychological assessments, neuropsychological assessment, and therapy by most major insurance companies including BUPA; AXA PPP, AVIVA, Vitality, and Cigna Health. Clients using medical insurance are required to provide the relevant authorisation details prior to starting treatment. Invoices can be sent directly to the insurers on your behalf.






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